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What is Club Fitting?

It is a well-known fact that all top professional golfers and Tour players benefit from Club Fitting technology. And now you too can use this fantastic tool, available to and recommended for all types of player.

Ball flight analysis is now available to all those who wish to get more pleasure out of playing golf. If you are a beginner in search of the ideal clubs to start playing, or a low handicap player looking to make the next step up, a fitting session will certainly clear up any doubts and result in a more accurate swing. The fitting system can analyse, measure and improve the efficiency of the impact of your swing.

The Pro will recommend the irons that will be most appropriate for your type of swing and game. If you already have your own set of clubs they can be fine-tuned to meet your needs. The system can supply golfers with clubs of the ideal size for the type of player they are.

What can I expect from a Club Fitting session?

Contact the Club Pro for further information and to book a fitting session. Normally the sessions take no longer than an hour.

The Pro will ask you some questions, such as:

  • Current Handicap
  • Frequency of play or practice
  • Physical limitations. Distance achieved with a 5-iron and a driver (in order to get an idea of the speed so as to determine the size of the club head)
  • Ball flight pattern (left or right)
  • Clubs you like and dislike playing with
  • Ball flight angle (low or high)
  • Make and model of the clubs you use now
  • Shaft flexibility, shaft angle and length
  • Makes of club you prefer

When you are set up, the Pro will ask you to play a few strokes so as to see and/or mechanically record the club head speed, ball speed, ball spin ratios, etc. These factors will help to determine the trajectory – flight of the ball – as well as the carry and total distance. The Pro will then help you to choose the equipment most suitable for you.

What will the Pro want to know?

Below is a list of some of the more important measurements and the reason for taking them:

If your launch angle is very low it may affect your distance. Loft angle, weight distribution, center of gravity, balance and moment of inertia, are the main factors to take into account.

Lateral angle
Poor clubs can result in shots pulling to the left or drifting to the right. The Fitting session will find the perfect combination of head model, shaft length and flexibility and lie angle..

Backspin / Consistency
The Fitting session will also check if your shots have too much spin (ball balloons) or too little spin (an almost flat trajectory) or if you are applying the right amount of spin.

It determines whether the ball flies straight or is sliced or hooked.

Swing Tempo
As a general rule people with slower swing tempos can benefit from more flexible shafts. On the other hand, people with a fast swing tempo (especially at the top of the backswing) should normally use a less flexible shaft. A combination of measurements such as swing speed and tempo, among others, will help the Pro determine the ideal shaft for you.

Attack Angle
Once the Pro knows your angle of attack he can define the ideal combination of loft angles and shaft flexibility.

Lie Angle
Clubs with the proper lie angle are a decisive factor in ensuring consistent strokes and minimising the number of balls that fly off in undesired directions. Launch conditions: by analysing the club head speed, ball speed, launch angle and backspin, the Pro has all the data required to recommend the type of set of clubs most indicated for your game. While some sets optimise some of these conditions, the ideal set is one that ensures a constant balance between all of them, in keeping with your needs.

Impact Efficiency
The ratio between the speed of the ball and the speed of the club head is extremely important. Our tests show that a ratio of 1.5 is optimum for a 100% speed. That is to say if the ball speed is 98mph, and the club head speed is 89mph, (98 divided by 89) the efficiency ratio is 1.1 or 73%. We can help you improve here too.

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